In a lot of properties the failure of the wall ties has resulted in a major repair bill for property owners. On older properties the wall ties used were fabricated from either wrought iron or a mild steel and had no protection against corrosion. As a result problems such as bulging walls cracking of mortar courses, water ingression and leaking, and in severe cases collapse of exterior walls can occur.

The work normally involves using specialist metal detecting equipment to locate the existing wall ties. The installation of new stainless steel or resin injection wall ties, and the removal in the case of the old flat metal bar ties to prevent further corrosion. With the combination of quality products and this effective method most wall tie problems can be very successfully eradicated.  All work carried out by Littlemoss Construction is fully guaranteed for both materials and Workmanship and is covered by a 20 year insurance guarantee scheme.


Cavity wall ties are an essential part of any building. They tie together the visible outer cavity of the brickwork to the structural load-bearing inner masonry skin. If you have any issues with your cavity wall, our expert team can call out and perform a survey on any potential damage.

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With our 20 year guarantee, your wall tie problems will soon be over.

Also, an additional GPI insurance-backed guarantee is available on request.