Condensation Control

Condensation is moisture in the air. It comes from mundane thing such as boiling a kettle, having a hot shower or drying clothes in the home. When the warm air connects to a cool surface, it cools into small water droplets that make up condensation.

Even though condensation has the ability to occur in every property across the globe, the damage that it cause is severely underrated considering it is almost certainly the most common form of dampness found in buildings. Thankfully, there are various condensation treatments that can deal with the problem no matter how severe it gets.

The better insulated your property, the more likely the chance of encountering a negative effect from condensation. This is due to poor ventilation. Condensation often results in unhealthy living conditions with black mould growth, wallpaper coming loose, damage to fabrics and unpleasant damp smells that can occur within a property.


With any condensation problems, it is important to correctly identify the issue that you have before going ahead with a form of condensation control treatment. Avoid expensive bills landing on your door by making sure that your problem is not misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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