Structural waterproofing for areas such as basements and cellars is essentially water management. When a space is below ground level it can be at risk to water damage due to the forces of gravity directing water to flow to the lowest point.

At Littlemoss Preservation we take an holistic approach to keeping your space below the ground dry. We employ a varied number of techniques to achieve this, including traditional tanking through, cavity wall membranes, specialist drainage, waterproof flooring and sump pumps. At Littlemoss Preservation, our qualified and experienced surveyors can create a waterproofing solution for any property.


With any problems relating to structural waterproofing, it is important to correctly identify the issue you that have before going ahead with a form of treatment. Avoid expensive bills landing on your door by making sure that your problem is not misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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With our 10 year guarantee, your structural waterproofing problems will soon be over.

Also an additional GPI insurance backed guarantee is available on request.