Timber Treatment

Littlemoss Construction have great expertise in the area of timber preservation and treatment and can offer a solution to any related problem. All works carried out come with a 20-year guarantee. We offer a free survey and report to ascertain the problem and within a report we outline a schedule to successfully treat the problem. Timber problems fall into three main areas listed below is a small description of how these types of problems are treated.

Wet Rot

When treating timbers infected with wet rot in the majority of cases the timber needs to be removed and new sections of wood installed and treated together with all existing timbers to prevent any possibility of further decay progression.

Dry Rot

With regard to problems caused by dry rot it is necessary to remove all affected timber and plaster areas, it will be removed to approximately 1 Metre past the last signs of decay the timbers are then treated to prevent any possible progression of decay.

Wood Worm

When treating timbers for infestation with wood worm or other wood boring insects most treatments can be successfully completed in-situ thus avoiding the expense of removal and replacement of joists and other supporting timbers.


With any timber problems, it is important to correctly identify the issue that you have before going ahead with a form of timber treatment. Avoid expensive bills landing on your door by making sure that your problem is not misdiagnosed and mistreated.

Call Littlemoss Construction LTD today on 0161 301 5606 or click to request a timber survey. Please contact a member of our team to arrange an appointment with one of our fully qualified specialist surveyors.

With our 20 year timber guarantee, your timber problems will soon be over.An additional GPI insurance backed guarantee is available on request.

An additional GPI insurance backed guarantee is available on request.