Wet Rot

Wet rot has potential to cause substantial damage to your property. Although not as problematic and severe as Dry rot, it should nevertheless be identified and treated as soon as possible. Wet rot commonly attacks the timber in the property where damp conditions occur, and it can lead to structural defects within the timber.

Again, as with dry rot, the cause of this can come from a multitude of sources, broken plumbing, gutter, stone pointing and many more. As excess moisture infiltrates timber it then allows fungal spores to germinate and grow, this will eventually progress to the timber losing its strength.

Typical indications of wet rot include:

  • A damp musty smell
  • Cracking and softening of timber.
  • There can be fungal growth


With any wet rot problems, it is important to correctly identify the issue that you have before going ahead with a form of wet rot treatment. Avoid expensive bills landing on your door by making sure that your problem is not misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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