Woodworm is a seasonal pest. The term Woodworm is a general term that covers the larvae stage of many wood boring insects that can affect any house that has exposed timber within the property, this may be in the attic, the cellar, or inside the home itself.   The cycle usually takes place between April to October.

Timber in a home can account for up to 70% of the fabric of a house.  With this in mind, it is simple to see how woodworm can be a very common problem. In the United Kingdom, the most typical woodworm beetle pest is the ‘Common Furniture Beetle’ which can get into any home through open doors, windows, fresh air vents and gaps in the eves.

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With any woodworm problems, it is important to correctly identify the issue you have before going ahead with a form of treatment. Avoid expensive bills landing on your door by making sure that your problem is not misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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